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The Holmes Brigade is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote historical, educational and literary activities by its members; emphasis and encourage the study of persons and events about the American Civil War; and to create, sponsor and promote living history events.

The Holmes Brigade portrays a typical Western Federal Infantry unit, who were the backbone of the army. Unlike other reenacting units, it does not portray only an individual regiment or company. Its range is not limited to Civil War reenactments, its members portray pre-war and post-war time periods as well, both military and civilian. It prides itself on the ability to represent authentic and diverse living history impressions.

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Latest Web Update:  July 6, 2008  Post Athens Guidelines
March 19, 2008.  Added 2007 event photos and preliminary 2008 event schedule.
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December 28, 2006.  Added 2006 event photos, add'l 2005 Ft Scott and Corinth photos, updated links to other web sites, added Guestbook, and preliminary 2007 event schedule.

December 25, 2005.  Add new 2005 event photos and tentative 2006 event schedule.
April 18, 2005  Add Athens period news accounts
March 13, 2005  More Athens info, Pea Ridge photos, Events
Feb 22, 2005 add 2005 event schedule
Add Athens 2005 event information, add 2004 photos
March 22, 2004  Add "impressions" link off Photos page. Misc updates to Events.
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Dec 7-8, 2003 Lecomption, Wilson's Creek, Ft Riley, and Movie photos, dues change, Events, misc updates

June 8, 2003  Lexington and Carthage photos, links
April 27, 2003 Update event schedule, officers/NCOs, photos, links.
March 9, 2003  Resize large photos so they are smaller and loadfaster, post draft 2003 event  schedule, "Four Bummers' story under History.
Oct 26, 2002  Add Lexington, Athens, and Perryville photos, misc.  
Sept 3, 2002  Misc updates
July 9, 2002 Pea Ridge management plan, Talbot account of Quarter Mile More

June16, 2002 Grand Island photos, minor updates
May 25, 2002 Athens history, musket caps safety alert
May 1, 2002  Athens Guidelines, New Officers/NCOs, Photos, maintenance
February 9, 2002 Updates Links, photo maintenance, 2002 Events
Sept 25, 2001 Miscellaneous maintenance updates, 2001 event images, a few new Links
March 18, 2001: History 48th Wis letters, Events, Info Pamphlet download in 'Consider Joining', Maintenance & Link updates
Nov 27, 2001 Event updates, Photo additions, misc
Oct 2, 2000 Event updates, Suggested Sutlers, misc. 
Aug 25 - Mostly 1863 ORs and other misc.
Aug 5 - Added some ORs for 17th IA surrender and some new Links.

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