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Year 2001 Images

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Img15.jpg (59816 bytes)                                 Mvc-003s.jpg (67620 bytes)
Ft Scott, KS                                         Ft Scott, KS
1st Sgt Mark Clark and                        Tent Inspection
2nd Lt Joe Amos

Mvc-007s.jpg (39461 bytes)                                 Mvc-013s.jpg (59300 bytes)
Ft Scott, KS                                         Ft Scott, KS
Capt Terry Forsyth                               Pvt Thomas Gosser, Cpl Dave
and Lt Joe Amos                                  Sullivan, and Cpl Kirk Freeman

Ft scott 01 parade.jpg (239986 bytes)                                 Raymond 2001.JPG (526045 bytes)
On the Ft Scott parade ground             Raymond, MS
                                                            Early Saturday AM, live fire stand down

wc 2001 street.JPG (29884 bytes)                                 WC Firing.JPG (15199 bytes)
Wilson's Creek                                     Wilson's Creek
Formed in the street                               Public firing demo

WC Group.JPG (50463 bytes)                                 WC morning.jpg (55268 bytes)
Wilson's Creek                                     Wilson's Creek
Sunday Photo Op                                 Saturday morning coffee

WC Shade.jpg (65311 bytes)                             Glasgow 2001.JPG (43957 bytes)
Wilson's Creek                                 Glasgow, MO
Welcomed shade & a Higgy story    A hot "award winning" unit

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