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Pea Ridge, Ar   March, 2002

PR2002 001.jpg (172177 bytes)                             PR2002 003.jpg (175148 bytes)
Saturday AM                                 Cold and Windy
After the Storm          

PR2002 022.jpg (171457 bytes)                             PR2002 009.jpg (178391 bytes)
Crawling out from                             140th Anniverary
downed tents                                     Celebration!

PR2002 023.jpg (172236 bytes)                             PR2002 035.jpg (197166 bytes)
Warming by the fire                         At Sugar Creek Entrenchments
on a fridgid morning                         by special permission PR NMP


Ft. Scott, Ks   April, 2002

Ft Sc 2002 002.jpg (186159 bytes)                             Ft Sc 2002 022.jpg (410302 bytes)
A misty, foggy                                 Fresh Bread!
Saturday morning

Ft Sc 2002 024.jpg (433216 bytes)                             Ft Sc 2002 031.jpg (445976 bytes)
Tug of War                                     The Color Line
Infantry vs Artillery

Ft Sc 2002 011.jpg (169387 bytes)Ft Sc 2002 010.jpg (172660 bytes)Ft Sc 2002 009.jpg (161420 bytes)
In Line of "Demonstration"

Lexington, Mo   May, 2002

Lex2002Court1.jpg (293345 bytes)                             Lex2002Court2.jpg (189448 bytes)
The Military Court                             The Military Court in action
and guards

Lex2002Kitchen.jpg (450894 bytes)                             Lex2002Ham.jpg (315412 bytes)
A "healthy" kitchen(?)                     Disposing of a confiscated
                                                    rebel-sympathizing pig

Lex2002Relax.jpg (335250 bytes)
"Guarding" the Anderson House

Grand Island, Ne   June, 2002

GI 2002 002.jpg (433773 bytes)                             GI 2002 006.jpg (406775 bytes)
Boiling coffee and                             Ol' Sully came in at Midnight after
cooking grease                                 work - we thought he was dead.

GI 2002 010.jpg (257100 bytes)
The merry Holmes' contingent


Athens, Mo   August, 2002

Athens1.jpg (59374 bytes)                             Athens2.jpg (105204 bytes)

Perryville, Ky   August, 2002

pville2002Corn.jpg (452654 bytes)                             pville2002Belts.jpg (221504 bytes)
The Great Skeddadle                     No they're waist belts,
through the corn field                      not chest belts!

pville2002Line.jpg (167186 bytes)                             pville2002Group.jpg (84917 bytes)
The Union Army                             Just before the battle, Mother...
in line of battle

pville2002Fire.jpg (48253 bytes)    Warming by the fire on a chilly pre-dawn morning