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Ft. Scott, Ks   April, 2004

FtScott2004 007.jpg (174010 bytes)                         FtScott2004 020.jpg (102898 bytes)

FtScott2004 024.jpg (90907 bytes)                         FtScott2004 002.jpg (163616 bytes)

FtScott2004a.JPG (143655 bytes)                         FtScott2004b.JPG (204411 bytes)

Topeka, Ks "Polical Rally"

Topeka 002.jpg (451259 bytes)                         Topeka 003.jpg (442075 bytes)

TopekaCopyofall.JPG (170024 bytes)                        
The Holmes Brigade was requested by the Kansas State Republican party to escort dignitaries at their banquet celebrating Kansas' 150th anniversary.

Wilson's Creek   June, 2004

WCJune04- 001.jpg (132877 bytes)                         WCJune04- 004.jpg (118492 bytes)

WCJune04- 007.jpg (156663 bytes)                         WCJune04- 013.jpg (186188 bytes)

WCJune04Charles.jpg (114429 bytes)                         WCJune04-x.JPG (121972 bytes)    Sigel's Gray Shirted Germans


Lex04-1.JPG (117941 bytes)                         Lex04-2.JPG (175093 bytes)

Lex04-3.JPG (205354 bytes)                         Lex04-4.JPG (121977 bytes)

Pilot Knob   September, 2004

pk04 001.jpg (417502 bytes)                         pk04 008.jpg (409989 bytes)
Strother's Dry Goods Store        The Famous Author with his book

pk04 042.jpg (407564 bytes)                           PK04Company.jpg (117772 bytes)
The Gnome Company                     The Whole Company

pk04IMG016.JPG (330707 bytes)  Falling back on the fort

Osawatamie, Ks   October, 2004

Osaw-MCreek 003.jpg (446457 bytes)     Border Ruffians

Mine Creek, Ks   October, 2004

Osaw-MCreek 006.jpg (453594 bytes)                             Osaw-MCreek 012.jpg (460757 bytes)
With the Battalion                             On the skirmish line

Franklin, Tn   November, 2004

CarterHouse04.JPG (125963 bytes)