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Pea Ridge, Ar   March, 2005

PeaRidge2005DugRelic.jpg (429983 bytes)                     PeaRidge2005Tent.jpg (405559 bytes)
A Dug Relic                             In the morning...

PeaRidge2005Tavern.jpg (420352 bytes)                     PeaRidge2005Fence.jpg (455521 bytes)
Camped next to Elkhorn          The new fencing came in handy


Ft Scott, KS   April, 2005

Shortly before this year's event, there was a terrible fire on the Ft Scott Square. Many historical building were destroyed. While this did not occur while we were there, these images are from that fire. Of particular loss, the the annually visited "ugly bar". 

FtS05_4.jpg (57792 bytes)                     FtS05_5.jpg (66259 bytes)

FtS05_7.jpg (72010 bytes)                     FtS05_8.jpg (66163 bytes)

FtS_05.jpg (79057 bytes)                     FtS05_Atlanta.jpg (53307 bytes)

ft_scott_2005_burn_bldg.jpg (30641 bytes)                      ft_scott_2005_group.jpg (37887 bytes)

ft_scott_2005_camp1.jpg (33753 bytes)                     ft_scott_2005_drill2.jpg (28124 bytes)
ft_scott_2005_drill1.jpg (33020 bytes)                     ft_scott_2005_flag2.jpg (38942 bytes)
ft_scott_2005_march.jpg (31105 bytes)                     ft_scott_2005_tents.jpg (45402 bytes)
ft_scott_2005_flag1.jpg (30095 bytes)                     ft_scott_2005_fife_drum.jpg (34535 bytes)

Lexington, MO   May, 2005
Filming was done for a new visitor center's film.

Lex_05_2.jpg (811615 bytes)                     Lex_05_1.jpg (572632 bytes)                     Lex_05_3.jpg (618828 bytes)
Federal troops storming the Anderson House to rid it of Rebel vermin (aka sharpshooters).

Lex05a.jpg (439820 bytes)                     Lex05b.jpg (444251 bytes)
A Lexington political meeting needs to be busted up

Lex05d.jpg (404437 bytes)
Jack W never looked so cute... (well - there was that one other time...)


Burlington, KS    July, 2005

Burl_05_003.jpg (448771 bytes)                     Burl_05_004.jpg (443199 bytes)
Show and Tell demonstration for the public.
It was well received.

Burl_05_005.jpg (428023 bytes)                     Burl_05_006.jpg (407431 bytes)

Burl_05_007.jpg (432730 bytes)


Wilson's Creek, MO  June, 2005

WC_05_1.jpg (402802 bytes)                     WC_05_2.jpg (151193 bytes)

WC_05_3.jpg (152187 bytes)                     WC_05_4.jpg (147859 bytes)   

WC_05_5.jpg (152371 bytes)

Deutschheim SHS  Hermann, MO  June, 2005

Herman_1.jpg (657706 bytes)                     Herman_2.jpg (768094 bytes)


Athens SHS, MO  August, 2005

Atehns2005- 004.jpg (423849 bytes)                     Atehns2005- 011.jpg (418037 bytes)
Morning camp                         New rifle-muskets from Iowa issued

Atehns2005- 027.jpg (447312 bytes)                     Atehns2005- 033.jpg (451640 bytes)
Games in camp                         The morning bacon-fest

Athens_line.JPG (431321 bytes)                     RoutingMSG.JPG (291043 bytes)
On the firing line                      Routing the MSG with charged bayonets

Copy_Atehns2005-_035.jpg (96922 bytes)
The Boys

Athens_2005_038.jpg (60986 bytes)                     Athens_2005_108_c.jpg (78345 bytes)
Photo By Don Plesser             Photo By Don Plesser

Athens_2005_113.jpg (69222 bytes)                     Athens_2005_119.jpg (56996 bytes)
Photo By Don Plesser             Photo By Don Plesser

Corinth, MS  October, 2005

Corinth_05_1.jpg (110334 bytes)                     Corinth_05_2.jpg (108581 bytes)                     Corinth_05_3.jpg (137324 bytes)

Corinth_2005_8.jpg (87822 bytes)                     Corinth_2005_10.jpg (91614 bytes)

Ft Scott, KS   December, 2005
Christmas Candlelight Tour

FtS_05_xmas_GAR.jpg (168303 bytes)                     FtS_05_xmas_2.jpg (44189 bytes)
The old boys in the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic)

FtS_05_xmas_3.jpg (48858 bytes)                     FtS_05_xmas_4.jpg (51296 bytes)